This Tuesday second and last day of the National Carnival, which takes place in Port-au-Prince around the theme “Ayiti Tout Tan”, the order of appearance of musical floats will be as follows : Carimi & Mikaben, Boukman Eksperyans, Bèl Plezi, Rockfam, Mass Konpa, Kreyòl La and Barikad Crew.

The course for the groups and walking bands is as follows: Departure from Stade Sylvio Cator, then they will direct on the Street Oswal Durand until Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines, then to the Street Paul VI. They will then make few meters on Street Monseigneur Guilloux before engaging on the Avenue de la République front the National Palace, until the street Capois, they will take to complete the course at the Street St-Honoré.

The assessment of the first day of National Carnival (Monday, February 8) is as follows :

– Two people were wounded by bullets
– Only one person injured with a knife
– Two injured with stick
– An arrest for possession of a knife (bladed weapon)

All of the victims and the arrest took place at the corner of Rue Oswald Durand and Saint-Honoré.

FLASH : Last day of the National Carnival

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